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The process that has become the top choice for custom motorcycle and car builders as well as metal workers and furniture companies is now available in the Dc metro area.  Powder coating is a highly durable refinishing process that offers a variety of color combinations and finishes for all your metal refinishing needs.

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Powder Coating

Powder is extremely durable and able to withstand far higher temperatures than normal liquid paints. This make it an ideal application for parts that can take a beating like car wheels or outdoor furniture that has to withstand the weather.


Not only does powder cost less when compared with other refinishing options it uses less material and produces no hazardous waste.  It is also more cost effective as you will not have to 'touch up' or repaint items that would typically wear over time with other methods.


There are hundreds of color and textures to choose from.  From your patio furniture to your car wheels we have the color that your looking for.  There are also custom clear coats, such as metallic and flake.

?Why Choose Powder?